Sizzla - Give Me A Try

Sizzla - Give Me A Try

I still remember the very first time I heard this; I was sat in traffic on the A12 and all I could say was "Rewind". Love it!
RT @autocorrects: "Hey :)" "Eror: Your message couldn't be sent at this time, please try again later." You spelled error wrong…" "…Well ...

@MakeItLO_OKEasy @AnthonyManga lol ok. so maybe that's none of my business according to how ppl want to spend their money. but i CAN try

@natbain oops....Very disappointing service at Widcombe White Hart tonight.Waitress with bad attitude.Try Ring O Bells next time..WeLoveBath

Finna try something new other than what I'm,used too!! #Ricans????

@KitanOyeleke Oh, try again or use FB x_x

When I try to throw a water bottle at you and @Oh_Schmitt25 stops me<

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