Final Fantasy 13-2 - A Study In Elegant Death - Jihl Nabaat DLC - Postgame 5

Final Fantasy 13-2 - A Study In Elegant Death - Jihl Nabaat DLC - Postgame 5

Today's Postgame jaunt brings us to the brand new Jihl Nabaat DLC battle, a minor antagonist from FF13 but one of the most remembered characters within the community. A summons based encounter, Jihl summons a variety of enemies, from humans to behemoths to attack the party, however they have a dual use as a source of HP for Jihl when absorbed, meaning the battle revolves around clearing both the extra monsters to avoid Jihls healing, while finding the time to bring her own HP pool down. However at intervals in the fight she also casts Stopga on the party before attacking with her Feral Link, which can kill a fully levelled party member without the proper defensive measures, allowing for even players who have finished the game to experience a slight challenge. As an allied monster she has a unique roll out of all sabs, as said in the video she doesnt play the traditional sab role very well, but finds her niche as being able to stunlock the opposition with her passive abilities, curse and wound, an interesting change in dynamic. I hope you enjoy this video of the Jihl DLC!


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