【VOCA★FUSION】 ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【Le Romanticaz】

【VOCA★FUSION】 ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【Le Romanticaz】

Title: ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル | Piano x Forte x Scandal Music & Lyrics all by OSTER Project Original: nicosound.anyap.info 『Vocalist ~♪』 「Itz_Fourclover」 www.youtube.com 「Moonlighteas」 www.youtube.com 「チエーsyyt」 www.youtube.com 「REwiew」 www.youtube.com 『MIX♪』 「Kairyuramon」 www.youtube.com 『Illustration』 : Hannabel & Carcoiatto 『Animation / PV』 : WindinessVFX Itz_Fourclover [24th January 2012] Hola!~ Everyone We almost sacrificed ourselves to sing this song in these passed few days.BTW, it's all done =w=~ So....we wish you guys would enjoy with our song. Even though, we don't know much about Jazz but we had tried our best. Thank you so much and ...enjoy! **** REwiew :: Even though it's late but when I saw the comments I'm very happy. I'm sure upset and sorry for our group member like Che and WindinessVFX. The reason is Che-san was the one who invited me to join her group for this competition and I ran to asked Melodious' member. One of the problem we faced was our animator that we really know are all busy. But by the help of Bloodyflora we met WindinessVFX. We really rushed on the last 2-3 days and most of our member didn't even sleep.(But I think most of the other team some didn't sleep too...) There were some internet problems and etc...... I really like other voice in this video so powerful and amazing.. abit fail with my voice ''OTL Anyway ENJOY~!! PS.I typed this down just to record what happened ONLY = w = PS2. My English is not that good ...
@nn_crisper おれもスキャンダル好き可愛い

@choooof06 スキャンダルって顔面偏差値高くね?www みんな可愛いわー( ̄▽ ̄)♪ 好きそうだもんなwww じゃあ、バイリー( ´Д`)y━・~~ www

@sr_0319 なるほどー!生放送終わりじゃ時間も遅いですしね(´・ω・)にしてもスキャンダルと氣志團って目立ちそうww




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