Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower - VS Tower Tycoon Palmer Revisited

Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower - VS Tower Tycoon Palmer Revisited

The second battle with Tower Tycoon Palmer (or in Japanese タワータイクーン クロツグ) at the 49th streak. Quite easy to destroy. I was in luck to have Cresselia face Smeargle as lead, but with anything else leading, the result would've been the same anyways... Not much to say over here, as I believe this battle is by far the one gone the best as planned, except that tiny little critical hit Cresselia gace to Mr. Mime. Well, there is one thing that is worth mentioning in this battle, and that is the Heatran's explosion. Wow... seeing a legendary taht desperate and still couldn't leave a dent in my sweeping/tanking turtle is just too hilarious. Well, now that I beat him again, guess I'll head to the Battle stage next. The challenge to beat the entire Battle Frontier is drawing to an end.
やっぱタイクーンEXH楽しい 必要な要素がたくさん程よく詰まっててそこそこ難しいのがいい


@rei0012 レナ「お母様はもう働かないの? タイクーン王「しょくいんも手をつくした。ハロワの仕事なんかやる気にならないらしい… レナ!リクナビなんか持っていったい?……まさかお前。 待て!」

チルノEX二回目にクリアしたw 14上位の宇宙戦争、タイクーン、ニーソより落ちる確率高そうだからしばらくチルノはやりたくないわww #SDVX


@namakobuta タイクーンが近づいてるに見えた(;´д`)

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