【HD】 Typical Japanese Breakfast 納豆食おうぜ!

【HD】 Typical Japanese Breakfast 納豆食おうぜ!

手際めちゃくちゃですんませんでした!大勢の日本人の方から叱られてます。目下勉強中です。。。 So this is Typical Japanese Breakfast. I'd say it's very simple. About natto, you just gatta try and see how you like it (→__→)hehe How do you guys like our traditional breakfast? Is it complicated? simple enough? or disgucting? I don't usually eat natto myself, but sometimes I get so hungry for it! I don't know why...Maybe it's just because I'm Japanese? Do not even kiss your gf/bf after you had natto. It'd be worse than garlic! Oh I've heard Swiss? or Sweden, they have really stinky canned fish food as well. I wonder how stinky it is... Ingredients I used for asari miso soup (serving 2) : 300g asari (short necked clams) : 1 tsp sake : 3 tbsp miso Ingredients for dashi stock : 3 US cup water(700 - 800ml) : Konbu kelp : 10g bonito flakes Other ingredients in this video : Rice : Egg : Natto Today's customer at RUNNY's www.youtube.com runnyrunny999's music theme is made by www.youtube.com (Check out these guys!) Special thanks to www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Music by Purple planet www.purple-planet.com TAM MUSIC FACTORY www.tam-music.com My Blog runnyrunny999.blogspot.com Google+ plus.google.com Thanks -runnyrunny999

中年クライシス 金満エクストリームスポーツ 納豆カレーチキンラーメン

@kuma101 わー納豆の国いいですね\(^o^)/



PMS症状出てきましたうごおおおおお 納豆…納豆食ってとっとと終わらせな…

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