The Datsuns interview by Toazted 2003

The Datsuns interview by Toazted 2003

Phil, Dolf and Christian took the time to talk to us in the middle of a crazy tour schedule in 2003. We talked to them about the new rock and roll hype, recording of their latest album and their success in Great Britain. "We're third in line for the throne. Oh, if only that were true. What a world it would be..." Check out our YouTube channel for loads more of ultra rare and fun interviews: Thousands of interviews on line! Friend us on Facebook @
The Datsuns, "Death Rattle Boogie"

The Datsuns-High School Hoodlums RT @soal_MUSIK Lagu apa yg biasa dinyanyikan saat 'mengheningkan cipta' dalam upacara bendera? #SoalMusik

The Datsuns - In Love #nowplaying

@vetti At least in Chennai, there were a bunch of imported Datsuns made famous as movie cars in the 80s, like (IIRC) Madan's car in MMKR.

@anantha But that is one of those posh Datsuns. Nissan's aiming for the lower end.

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