London 2012 Mascot Dance

London 2012 Mascot Dance

Join Wenlock and Mandeville to learn the London 2012 Mascot Dance and celebrate World Sport Day on 25 June 2012. To meet the mascots, please visit
People getting jobs and internships all around me. Maybe the mascot thing wasn't a bad shout after all #someoneemployme

The mascot is finally the FALCON !!! ♡ thank god !!!! º̩̩́ᴗº̩̩̀

RT @Noor_Afzan: there's a person dressed in a bear mascot costume? and a few women dancing to Gangam Style by the school field..... #whut

RT @czero90: @tenoq, mascot for PUTERANiME

@tenoq, mascot for PUTERANiME

In Germany 2006 World Cup, d LION mascot was called GOLEO. In SouthAfrica the LEOPARD mascot was called ZAKUMI. Now Brazil 2014 mascot is...

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