A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use

A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use

A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use: The Smart Grid involves the use of communications and computing technology to transmit and distribute energy more efficiently. This video describes the smart grid and how it will reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency and the integration of renewable sources of energy. Featuring interviews recorded at the IEEE Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles: Accelerating Innovation Conference (2007) and the IEEE Energy 2030 Conference (2008). Produced by IEEE and ScienCentral, Inc., with funding from IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE-USA, and the IEEE New Technology Directions Committee (NTDC). 8 minutes running time. Copyright 2009 For additional information, visit: www.ieee.org
@marthiitamtz ieee eso dijiste ayer y aun asi andabas toda apagadilla:(


RT @ieeesmartgrid: Read Steven Collier's thoughts in "Technology transforms the utility business model" at the @EnergyCollectiv now: htt ...

hoje eu sou gabriela, gabriela ieee

@zactacular ieee xmo malu minx kite belanja. Bluekkkk ;p

Walked out of olive garden with my friends and i yelled "dollaaa make me hollaaa" and this old ladies busted out laughing! :) #yay

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