Tears In Heaven by Tuck and Patti

Tears In Heaven by Tuck and Patti

Tuck and Patti perform Tears In Heaven from the CD GettingThroughIt.com. The CD was made to help people deal with loss and grieving.
Listening to a lot of Corinne May, plus Tuck & Patti. And wallowing in memories of life w/ Glenn. I know life w/ zest though in tears w/in.

그나저나 다이나믹듀오는 Tuck & Patti의 Love Warriors의 기타 리프를 “불면증“이였나? 아무튼 무슨곡에 샘플 따서 썼는데 저작권등록은 어떻게 했을지 궁금하네. 지들이 작곡했다 했겠지...

@Olakamala yg paling populer versi Cindy Lauper atau nu rada nge-jazz Tuck and Patti..tp ieu lumayan lah ol rada beda

Time After Time - Tuck & Patti #NowPlaying

久しぶりにTuck and Pattiひっぱり出して聴いた。なんか好きなんだよな。。。ε-(´∀`*)

Patti is in the studio and ready to TUCK! Hurry in before spots fill up :) Sign up online, or text/call 561 445 3257. See you at the Barre

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