Just Emma, English Shepherd

Just Emma, English Shepherd

During a three-week road trip and lots of playing on the beach with her doggie friends (See Bandon Beach video) Emma the English Shepherd had some lovely runs, including qualifying for semi-finals at Scottsdale 2009. Way to go, Emma! She's beginning to get the hang of this agility thing! Can you spot the Master Std course that her handler did not get to walk? She qualified in spite of the handler not knowing where she was going! Also, Emma says she does forgive me for getting seriously in her way at the end of the regional 2nd round. She says, "It's alright, I know you will improve with practice."
RT @BRowe12345: @TaintBallz @jadarsparks @mparker_21 Tate knows 4 languages English Spanish bird and wolf!!! @_emma_shepherd_

I miss higher English.

@Razakwolf @pokeypony not as freaky as english people though.

@snayl english shepherd...sort of a border collie mix

@ShinningKatniss we have two outside. English mastiff and a German shepherd

I'm so tired that my english gets fucked up even more, typing words though I mean different ones lol...

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