MW3 Team Comeback (5000) Gameplay - Vikkstar123

MW3 Team Comeback (5000) Gameplay - Vikkstar123

Leave a like if you wanna see us step it up to 5500 and onwards! :D Latest Minecraft Episode: Like the Facebook Page: Follow me on the TWITTER: Follow me on Twitch for Livestreams: Scuf controller: 5% Off Code VIKKSTAR Use this link for 10% off FPSFreeks: Check out my other channels linked below:
RT @Ophoenix1: Just spent 2 hours looking at 5000 pictures of my friend's 3 month old baby. I cracked a rib rolling my eyes.

@BudakOgoan iya nih..tenang aja,,mau minta berapa 5000 ya,,Wkªªªkªªªkªªª˚.°.·=D˙◦°.·=)) °.·=D˚

&thats why he winning cuz he lets me talk my shit &in the end he still knows he's the boss. &on that note, iM outtie 5000.

miluan yu ah RT @derynvrdy 5000 orang lah nu daftar hayang jadi personil JKT48

:o RT @48for37: Ternyata 5000 pendaftar yang ikut 2nd Gen... :)

RT @UnRatoBueno: Me voy a gastar 5000 barras pa votar pa eliminar al perro de Johan sin talento ese pavasonso

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