Winter Wrap Up [Karaoke] (Romanian)

Winter Wrap Up [Karaoke] (Romanian)

You've probably noticed that I'm not actually making the Czech version? It's been a couple of months. I will probably not make more, haven't been working on this for a long time. But I have files to do the following languages; Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese (brz), Spanish. Please add your lyrics to this page if you want your language: derpy.me Other languages of this song: Danish: youtu.be English: youtu.be French: youtu.be German: youtu.be Italian: youtu.be Latin America: youtu.be Norwegian: youtu.be Polish: youtu.be Romanian: youtu.be Russian: youtu.be Swedish: youtu.be This is a Karaoke version of Winter Wrap Up. This version of the song features the lyrics on the video as the song progress. Each of the mane 6 characters is assigned to a number of lines which match their character. Because this is adjusted for 6 people to sing, they all sings for the choir. Q&A: Why is this version different from the other? I cut down the intro and outro because it wasn't that cool and I think this is 20% cooler.


@nomkre アクアフレスカってインテルのプリマでやってた時期あったっけ?うん、ルーマニア帰った。なんかハジがなんかしてるクラブだった気がする

@Pingu_bot 何語話してるの?ルーマニア語?

RT @Galaxy_Gingakei: 【 9.14(金)は24時開演、お間違い無く!】イビザから到着、元気に東京滞在を楽しんでいる24歳のルーマニアン・DAN ANDREI & RYOSUKEのラインナップ! 神宮前・キャットストリート Galaxyでお待ちし ...

RT @american_jokes: 日本人「なんてこった! 電車が定刻から10秒遅れやがった!」 イタリア「なんてこった! 電車が定刻で来やがった!」 ルーマニア「なんてこった! 電車が来やがった!」 ジンバブエ「なんてこった! 電車だ!」

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